Remove Warts at Home With Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil

Remove Warts at Home With Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
I've had this small flat bump on the side of my finger for the longest time, and it never bothered me. I had always assumed it was maybe just a flesh-colored mole that popped up there one day, until one day, during one of my episodes of hypochondria, I was scrolling through an online medical site when I came across a block of text that described this benign growth on my finger almost exactly.

It was a wart.

I was first surprised, then disbelieving, then anxious to get it off my body. I had always assumed warts would be these horrible, disfiguring growths similar to those you would see on the ends of witches' noses in the cartoons I watched growing up. This thing on my finger was nothing like that. It was just a barely noticeable bump, and wasn't of an alarming shape, size or color.

But still, it was a wart, and I wanted I gone.

However, I'm also lazy. I was loathe to make an appointment with a dermatologist, then have to: first, make time to go there; second, spend money either on medication, or to have it frozen off.

After some research online, I've found that many people have discovered a successful cheaper, more natural way to get rid of warts by themselves at home. I decided to give it a shot, and it worked! So here I am to share my take on a natural remedy for getting rid of warts with you all.


You'll Need:

- apple cider vinegar (white or rice vinegar work too)
- tea tree essential oil
- cotton round/pad
- medical tape


1. Apply enough vinegar to the cotton round or cotton pad to completely cover your wart.
2. Apply at least 5 drops of tea tree oil on the vinegar-soaked area of the cotton.
3. Place the cotton directly onto the wart, making sure to cover it entirely so that it is in constant contact with the solution, then use medical tape to keep the cotton securely in place.
4. Keep over the wart for at least an hour, or for however long you can tolerate it, as it may begin to sting after awhile.
5. Reapply as needed as often as possible daily until the wart is completely gone.


I can testify that this really works, in fact, surprisingly well. Most people use apple cider vinegar to get rid of their warts, but as that is hard to find in the area where I live, I opted for rice vinegar, and that was just as effective.

First you might not notice a difference, but please be patient! How quickly this remedy works also depends on the size and location of your wart, and your body's own immune system in fighting the wart-causing virus off.

After a time, perhaps even after the first application, the wart may become soft, white and almost of a mushy consistency. At some point when it is drying out between treatments, it will turn dry and scab over. Then one day, it will simply flake off, leaving a patch of sensitive, perhaps even pink, new skin underneath. For good measure, I would continue to apply the solution in the same area for at least a few more treatments to make sure you've gotten all of it.

Don't give in to the urge to pick at the wart before it's ready to come off. It will eventually fall away on its own if you simply remain diligent about the treatment. If you pick at it, you might even inadvertently cause the wart to spread by causing damage to the surrounding area, allowing the virus to infect healthy skin.

This treatment is most effective if you leave it on overnight, but this might not be possible if the wart is in an awkward or sensitive area, or if the solution begins to sting, causing too much discomfort for you to be able to rest properly. In short, it's best to leave the solution in contact with the wart for as long as possible until it finally falls off or disappears.

I imagine this remedy would work for any kind of wart, including genital warts. However, I would advise being very careful about applying this remedy to as sensitive area as the genitals, as it can sting after awhile, which I imagine would be even more painful in the crotch area.

This at-home treatment is all about patience and diligence, and you may feel discouraged if you don't see results right away. Try not to despair and keep at it. From other testimonies I've read it seems like this natural remedy has helped a lot of people deal with any kind of wart on their bodies, and from my own experience I can vouch for this treatment as being one that really works.