How to Make Natural Deodorant with Coconut Oil

I went on the search for a safe, natural deodorant when I read that the ingredients in most commercial deodorants may be linked to breast cancer. To be fair, there is no definitive evidence that this is true. However, as breast cancer runs in my family, I didn't want to take that chance.

However, many of the natural brands that I came across were either very pricey or hard to find. That's when I discovered that I could actually make my own deodorant. It's a safer and - to my delight - cheaper alternative to most commercial deodorants.


You'll Need: 
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup corn starch (potato starch works too!)
  • 4 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil
  • tea tree oil (or other essential oil with antibacterial properties)


1. Stir ingredients together in a bowl until the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Add a few drops of tea tree oil, which will help kill bacteria that contributes to bad odors. About 20 drops is sufficient for this amount.
1. Scoop mixture into container of your choice.

If needed, you can refrigerate the mixture to make it solidify more quickly.

To Use:

Scoop out a pea-sized amount with your fingers and allow the warmth of your hands to soften it before applying it to your underarms.


Some people may prefer scooping the mixture into an empty deodorant twist-up bottle, but I do not recommend this for those who live in hot and humid climates. Coconut oil becomes a liquid in higher temperatures and the mixture may leak if it isn't placed in a completely closed container.

Downsides to making your own deodorant in this form is that it does not function as an antiperspirant. Application can also become rather messy, and it may leave a white, flaky residue on your clothes, so make sure to double check your outfit before leaving the house.

Also, play around with the ratios of ingredients until you find a recipe that works best for you. If you find the baking soda to irritating to your skin, add a little less. Feel free to also add a combination of other essential oils to create your own unique scent.

You can also make your own deodorant powder or spray-on deodorant using ingredients in your kitchen.

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