How to Cut Soap

Cutting up a block of bar soap into more manageable portions is really very easy. Also, be careful to remove the soap carefully from the wrapping so you can rewrap the remaining soap pieces that you aren't ready to use yet. This is an easy way to reduce waste.

You'll Need:
  • Cutting board
  • Large, sharp knife
  • Flame

  1. Place your bar soap of choice on a clean, sturdy cutting board.
  2. Heat up the blade of the knife over an open flame, such as the stove, for a few seconds. The blade doesn't have to be scalding hot, just warm enough to feel uncomfortable if you put your skin against it. Be very careful when handling fire and sharp knives, especially together.
  3. When you feel the knife is hot enough, place the blade down against the center of the bar soap, and use your other hand to carefully press down on the top of the blade with even pressure until you've cut all the way through. If the blade is too hot too touch, use a clean rag to hold against it.

If you want the soap in smaller portions, simply cut through the pieces again.


Rewrap any extra pieces to use for later, and enjoy using your soap!


  1. Genius :D I've tried to heat the soap, but heating the blade is much more effective!


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