How to Make Body Exfoliant with Coffee Grounds

No need to purchase pricey exfoliants that are pumped full of harsh chemicals when you can make your own using something you probably throw out every day - coffee grounds!

How to Make Body Exfoliant with Coffee Grounds

You'll Need:

- coffee grounds
- table salt


1. Spread out used coffee grounds on a plate and allow it to dry.
2. Fill a container of your choice 4/5 with the dried coffee grounds.
3. Fill the remaining 1/5 of the container with table salt.
4. Mix together, and you're done!

To Use:

Before showering, gently rub your homemade exfoliant on the skin of your body to remove dead skin and debris. Pay attention to particularly rough areas such as your elbows, knees and feet. Rinse away the exfoliant when you're done.


Some people use this mixture on their face as well, although I personally find it a bit too harsh. You may also choose to combine the mixture with essential oils, but be careful as this may become messy in your shower or bathtub.

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