How to Make Foam Hand Soap

Most liquid hand soap is wasted because people wash their hands too quickly, rinsing off the soap before properly lathering up. One way to avoid this is to use foam hand soap instead. People tend to wash their hands more completely before rinsing it off if the foam comes directly out of the bottle, saving them the trouble of having to create a lather first. But don't go running out to buy foam soap, you can get your money's worth by simply making your own with regular liquid soap.

You'll Need
    - liquid soap
    - warm water
    - foam soap dispenser (make sure the pump is designed to dispense foam, not liquid. I use a 250ml plastic bottle from Muji)

  1. Fill the foam soap dispenser container 1/3 full with liquid soap.
  2. Fill the rest in with warm water.
  3. Attach the dispenser nozzle securely to the top and shake the entire container several times.

To Use:

Push the down on the dispenser, and foam should be released through the nozzle.


You can change the ratio of liquid soap to warm water depending on how thick you like your foam hand soap to be. Foam soap dispensers shouldn't be too hard to come by nowadays. The one I use is a reasonably priced, sturdy plastic one by Muji.

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