Salubrious Selection: Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent

If you live in a tropical climate like Taiwan, where I'm from, there's no doubt at some point you have encountered a mosquito problem. I even suspect Taiwan mosquitoes may be smarter and more vicious than the mosquitoes in most other countries. They're great at hiding, they're quick to avoid the electric zapper (which, I've learned, sometimes doesn't even kill them upon first zap) and their bites become these itch-tastic welts that inexplicably end up looking like little raised maps of Australia. And I'm not even talking about the ones that spread dengue fever.

Despite this torture, I am still unwilling to expose myself to the poisonous repellents, toxic sprays and hazardous smoke coils most people resort to to fend off these minuscule vampires.

What I turned to instead, was Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent.

I really love this spray. It is 100% made of natural oils, which means I'm not exposing myself to anything harmful, and it really works. Any portion of my skin covered in this repellent ensures that I will not be bitten by any mosquitoes. Some downsides is that the solution is rather greasy, which some people may not enjoy, it does have a very strong herbal scent that many may find off-putting, and it's rather pricey at about $11.00 per 4 fl.oz bottle.

However, I found that my skin very quickly absorbed the oil, which actually ended up working as a good moisturizer, making my skin rather soft, and I quickly got used to the smell. I balked a little at the price, but the bottle seems to last quite awhile. I use this repellent both indoors and outdoors when I need to, and I highly recommend this to anyone living in mosquito-prone areas who are looking for a non-toxic way to keep mosquitoes away.

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