How to Use Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

There doesn't need to be anything fancy or complicated in your makeup remover; its only purpose is to remove makeup. So don't listen to all those advertisements on television and in magazines asking you to buy their expensive chemical-laden makeup removers. All you need is olive oil.


Olive oil makeup removerTo Use:

Olive oil removes makeup perfectly. In fact, better than some commercial makeup removers I have purchased in the past.

You can simply pour some olive oil into a cotton pad as you would any other makeup remover, and gently wipe away makeup and grease from your face. To remove difficult eye makeup, simply press the pad against your eyelid for a few seconds, and you'll find any cosmetic residue is easily wiped away. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly afterwards.

I personally forgo the cotton pad all together and massage a teaspoon-sized amount of olive oil into my face with my fingers. I massage for at least a minute to make sure all the makeup and grime on my face is dissolved into the oil, then I wipe it away with a warm, damp washcloth and thoroughly wash my face with a mild cleanser.


Since I began using olive oil as my makeup remover my skin has actually improved. My face does not break out as much and I have significantly fewer blackheads. However, if you do choose to use this method, it only improves the quality of your skin if you make sure to thoroughly clean your face afterward to remove all of the oil.

I prefer using olive oil as it doesn't clog pores if properly washed away and is regularly available, but grape seed oil or others may work just as well - it's just a matter of finding the oil that works for you.

Cost Comparison:

The makeup remover pads I formerly used came with 46 sheets per refillable pack that cost about $4.00 each. That's about $0.08 per sheet. Spending $7.00 will buy me 1 liter - or roughly 203 teaspoons - of olive oil. Assuming I use about one teaspoon of olive oil each time I remove my makeup (and I'm pretty sure I don't even use that much), this works out to be roughly 3 cents per makeup removal session. I'm never buying commercial makeup remover ever again.

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  1. Even I use olive oil and sometimes coconut oil to remove my makeup. olive oil (the extra virgin one) stings my eyes a bit though , which doesn`t happen with coconut oil.


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