Uses for Old Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

When I switched to baking soda shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse for my hair, I was left with a few bottles of old shampoo and conditioners that I no longer need. Not wanting to be wasteful, I put them to other use.

The following suggestions are great ways to get rid of collections of hotel toiletries.


Uses for Old Shampoo and Body Wash: 

Soap is soap. It doesn't matter if it was designed for your hair or body, it will be able to clean other things as well. I don't really worry that it will cause damage either, since most hair and body soaps are much milder than typical detergents and industrial home cleansers. With old shampoo and body wash you can ...
  • Wash stains such as food, sweat stains and paint out of clothes, linens, carpet and rugs. It even works on blood stains. Just pour a little shampoo/body wash onto the stain and let it sit for at least 20 minutes before rinsing the affected area with water.
  • Clean the bathroom. Shampoo and body wash are great for scrubbing away soap scum.
  • Clean grease off of surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Wash the floor.
  • Clean cosmetics off of makeup brushes or paint off paint brushes.
  • Wash hair grease out of hair brushes and combs.
  • Use it as foam hand soap.
  • Wash the dishes.
  • ... clean almost any surface or thing you can think of.

Uses for Old Conditioner:

Conditioner works as a fantastic lubricant and polisher. With bottles of unwanted conditioner you can ...
  • Use it as shaving cream. It works just as well as store-bought shaving cream (which I personally don't even think you need for a close shave) or soap.
  • Polish leather shoes. It creates a nice matte effect, as opposed to a shine, and effectively cleans the leather while keeping it soft.
  • Lubricate hinges. Apply a few globs of conditioner on squeaky door or cabinet hinges, after a few swings the hinge should be noise-free.
  • Remove makeup from your face. Using unwanted conditioner as makeup remover works well in a pinch, but I wouldn't recommend using it if the solution is expired. So be warned.
  • Polish metal and chrome. Conditioner can be used to help bring the gleam back to most shiny surfaces.
  • Soften makeup or paint brushes. After you've used your shampoo/body soap to clean your brushes as mentioned above, use some conditioner to make them soft again.
  • Free stuck zippers. Put a drop of conditioner on a zipper that is stuck, and it should help release it.

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