How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks

If you are a big wine-drinker, start saving the corks from the bottles, that's what I did in order to make a stylish cork board of my very own.

How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks

If you don't have enough wine corks for this project, ask family and friends if they have any laying around that they'd like to give you. In fact, you can even ask restaurants and liquor stores if they have bags of corks they want to get rid of that you would be happy to take off their hands. Just make sure the corks are dry and mold-free before you begin.

You'll Need:

- a lot of wine corks
- a sturdy backboard with raised edges (I used a lid that was detached from a large wooden box)
- a sturdy piece of cardboard
- strong glue
- small nails (if needed)


1. Crop the cardboard so that it is just a bit wider than the inner dimensions of the backboard.
2. Fit the cardboard to the backboard. Since it's been cropped slightly wider, it should be able to stay snugly in place. However, if you think it's too loose, keep it in place by hammering nails into the corners.

How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks3. Begin gluing corks to onto the cardboard. You can design the board any way you want. Line up the corks diagonally as I have done in the picture above, or place two vertically, followed by two horizontally, and so on until you've filled the board. Be creative in your design, use different sized corks if you want to. Trim some corks with a pair of strong scissors if you need to fill awkward spaces.
4. When you've glued corks to the entire board, press down on each one to make sure none are loose. When all of the glue is completely dry, you're finished!
5. If you'd like to hang the board up on a wall, simply insert one small screw into each vertical edge on the back of the board, making sure they are in the same place opposite each other, then connect the nails with a piece of strong string or thin rope. Now you can hang your self-made cork board on the wall!

How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks
I braided three pieces of string to create a stronger rope.
To Use:

Keep a collage of pictures, notes and messages on the board using fun and colorful thumbtacks.

How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks

How to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine CorksHow to Make a Cork Board Out of Wine Corks


The reason why I choose to glue the corks onto cardboard instead of directly onto the backboard is because cork adheres more easily to cardboard. Also, since the climate is often humid where I live, I can easily remove the entire sheet of corks if they become musty or moldy from the weather, and simply make a new one to replace it with.

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