How to Reuse Plastic Bottles to Seal Up Plastic Bags

Ever have a leftover bag of beans, nuts, candy, etc. that you want to seal up but you've run out of tupperware, and no rubberband or fastening clip will do? Then consider using the top of an empty plastic bottle to do the job.


You'll Need:

- a clean, empty plastic bottle with a twist cap


1. Make sure your empty plastic bottle is dry and clean.
2. Cut off the portion of the bottle two inches from the top so you end up with something like this.

3. Pull the open side of your plastic bag of leftovers through the bottle opening like so.

4. Then fold the bag over the sides.

5. Screw the bottle cap into the top, and you should have a sealed bag protected from pests and moisture.


I only recently learned this trick and wish I had known about this sooner. What a great way to reuse old plastic bottles, not to mention it's a space saver because it means I don't have to transfer the pistachio nuts into another air-tight container. This is a fantastic way to keep food products that come in a bag dry, and also a handy way to travel with treats if you need to bring them to a party, camping or anywhere else.


  1. I love this idea but doesn't the cap "slice" the plastic bag when you screw it shut?

    Or at least after a few open/closes of the cap?

  2. That's a good point, but I haven't run into that problem yet ...

    As I make my way through the contents, I trim the bag and pull the sides down further as I go, which means the cap isn't continually wearing down the same spot.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Great Idea!! Thanks


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