Salubrious Selection: OP Biodegradable Cling Wrap (OP 生物分解保鮮膜)

For my Taiwan readers ...

I always try to use reusable containers to store my food, but sometimes a situation simply calls for cling wrap. In these cases, I prefer to use OP Biodegradable Cling Wrap (OP 生物分解保鮮膜), available at most supermarkets in Taipei.

When I first discovered this brand of cling wrap I was pretty excited. I didn't even know they could make plastic wrap that is biodegradable. According to the label, the plastic contains no chlorine or plasticizers that would emit toxic fumes under high heat, and it is 100% biodegradable, meaning it will eventually decompose over time when discarded.

Although the material feels much thinner than traditional cling wrap, it still works very well and doesn't rip unless you really tug at it. The roll comes in a cardboard box that delightfully does not have a serrated metal blade on the edge like most plastic wrap boxes. Instead, there is a plastic rail with a sliding handle that allows you to easily slice through pieces of cling wrap without accidentally cutting yourself. And when I'm done with the roll, in keeping with my habit of recycling everything I possibly can, I tear the plastic rail from the cardboard box and recycle both materials separately.

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