Salubrious Selection: Chic Choc Waterproof Magical Liquid Eyeliner

For my readers in Taiwan ...

Chic Choc's Waterproof Magical Liquid Eyeliner in black is my favorite liquid eyeliner, and I use it every day.

The brush tip elegantly tapers and never frays, allowing application of a very close, straight line against the edge of the eyelid.

The liquid inside also lasts forever. With daily application I'd say one pen can last me almost six months. I also like that when the ink begins to run out it simply starts to fade into lighter hues, rather than becoming clumpy and flaky, or difficult to apply consistently.

Not everyone may like this about this eyeliner, but I like that the black ink (BK01) is not overwhelmingly dark. I find it looks very natural for everyday use, but probably not the best for more dramatic looks.

I was disappointed to find out that Chic Choc recently raised its prices. One eyeliner pen costs NT$550, when it used to cost only NT$480, but I still think its worth it considering how long it lasts. Also, as I try to only buy from animal-friendly cosmetic companies, I was happy to confirm with Chic Choc's customer service that their policy is to never test on animals.

One downside I've noticed is that although the eyeliner is advertised as being waterproof, I find that the ink does sometimes smudge, so I probably wouldn't recommend this for people who want completely waterproof eyeliner.

If you're interested, you can find out where Chic Choc stores are located in Taiwan here. Unfortunately, I don't think Chic Choc has expanded to areas outside of Asia yet, but hopefully they will soon!

How to Make A Card Stand Out of A Wine Cork

If you find yourself hosting an event where you need name card stands for everyone, there's no need to spend a lot of money to make it look fancy. All you need are wine corks, which make perfectly good card stands after a little modification.


You'll Need:

- wine corks
- a sharp razor


1. Use the razor to slice one end off the length of the wine cork. This will allow it to lay flat on the table.

2. On the exact opposite side, cut a groove into the cork lengthwise. This is where the card will be held.

3. Put a card into the groove and stand it up on a table, then you're done!


This is a really great, cheap way to set up name cards, pictures or decorative stationary. Plus, it looks classy.

You can also use wine corks to make your own unique cork board!

Use Tin Boxes to Hold Lotion Bars

I discovered this adorable little tin box of mints at the convenience store, and after I finished the contents, I decided to put the box to good use by using it to hold a piece of my homemade lotion bar!

The dimensions of the box are about 6cm x 4cm x 2cm, a perfect size for holding a small lotion bar to carry around with me at all times!

How to Use Organic Honey to Wash Your Face

I recently added a new natural ingredient to my daily beauty regimen — organic honey. I use it to wash my face after removing my makeup with olive oil. Honey may not sound like the best ingredient to use to clean your face, but after doing this for several weeks, my skin has never felt healthier.

After removing your makeup, simply rub about two teaspoons into your face as you would a face cleanser. Of course, it won't become a lather like conventional soap does, but it is effectively cleaning your face. Be careful though, honey tends to drip, so make sure you're leaning over the sink or you're in the shower. Leave it on for about a minute or two, and the rinse it off with warm water. After beginning this method, my skin has none of the tightness or dryness that I used to experience after using conventional face cleanser, but still feels fresh and clean.

I think it is important to use only raw, organic honey though. Honey that has been further processed with added sugars and other ingredients may not work the same way.

Cost Comparison:

The face cleanser I used to use cost at least $5.00 for 120 millimeters and would last me about two months. A friend of mine who harvests honey for fun sells me large 800ml bottles for only $3.00 each. That lasts me ... a really, really long time. Clearly, a much better deal.

How to Use Baking Soda to Exfoliate Your Face and Body

The best natural face exfoliant I've ever used is a simple baking soda paste. Simply wet your face and your hands, then use about two teaspoons of baking soda to gently scrub your face. The moisture of your hands and face should be enough to turn the baking soda into a perfect paste. However, if you prefer it to be a little thinner, just add a few more drops of water to it.

How to Use Baking Soda to Exfoliate Your Face and Body

Baking soda works as a great face exfoliant, without containing any large particles often found in commercial brand exfoliants that end up being too abrasive for my skin. However, keep in mind that sometimes the baking soda might sting a little if you leave it on too long, when that happens just simply rinse it off with warm water. If you still find scrubbing with baking soda too abrasive, try simply using it as a mask instead.

I use baking soda to exfoliate my face about twice a week, and afterwards my complexion is always incredibly smooth and soft, without feeling like I stripped off too many layers of skin. I even use it to exfoliate my body sometimes, or if you prefer something stronger than that for your body, consider using coffee grounds.

How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut Oil

How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut OilIn order to avoid the plethora of potentially harmful chemicals that are added to most store-bought lotions, I make my own. By making my own lotions, not only do I avoid exposing myself to undesirable ingredients, I save a lot of money and I have fun in the process.


You'll Need:

- organic virgin coconut oil
- shea butter
- beeswax
- vitamin E capsules (optional)
- essential oils (optional)
- appropriate kitchenware to create a double boiler
- molds to shape the lotion bars
- lip balm tubes or containers
- dropper (optional)


1. Place equal parts organic virgin coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax into a pot or heat resistant bowl. If I'm making lotion bars for just for myself, I usually only make about a half cup total each time to prevent ending up with too much that will go bad before I have time to use it. Also, since lotion bars melt a lot faster in the summer than in the winter, I add a touch more beeswax during the warmer months and a little less during the cooler months to compensate.

How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut OilHow to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut Oil

2. Create a double boiler by placing the pot/bowl inside another pot of boiling water.

How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut OilHow to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut Oil

3. Mix the contents with a spatula until it is completely melted, then take it off the heat.

4. Cut open some vitamin E capsules and squeeze it into the mixture if desired. One capsule per every half cup of the mixture should be sufficient. Also, add a few drops of essential oil to create a fragrance if you desire. Remember to mix well.

5. Pour or ladle the mixture into molds and set it aside to cool. Once the mixture has cooled to a slightly less liquid state, feel free to stick it in the refrigerator to speed up the process so the bars will harden faster. Don't worry if you don't have proper molds for making soaps and lotion bars. Anything will do — ice cube trays, cupcake tins, small bowls, etc. Just make sure the molds are made of a safe, heat-resistant material.

How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut Oil
It's difficult to see, but the heart- and square-shaped molds have been filled with the lotion mixture.
6. When you feel the lotions bars have hardened enough, pop them out of their molds and store them in containers. Don't try to force or pry them out of their molds or you'll risk ruining the shape of the lotion bars. I find if I place the molds in the refrigerator, the bars shrink a little, then pop out easily when I press or knock on the back of the mold.

I have one lotion bar in a glass jar on my nightstand and use it before I go to bed, but I find tin boxes work best if you want to keep one with you at all times.

To Use:

Simply hold the lotion bar in your hand and allow the heat from your body to melt it. Then apply your natural homemade lotion anywhere needed on your body!

 How to Make Natural Lotion Bars with Coconut Oil

Lotions bars can be a little bit greasy, but I find it is easily absorbed after a few minutes and retains the skin's moisture much better than many commercial lotions. Keep in mind that since this is lotion made of all-natural products without any preservatives, it can go bad after awhile. I generally determine how long I should continue using the lotion bar by taking the date of the ingredient that will expire the soonest and deduct one month from that. This way, I make sure I am not putting any expired products on my skin.

Make sure you use organic virgin coconut oil and not refined coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is non-comedogenic and has all the properties that are good for you, whereas refined coconut oil has lost most of its beneficial properties and is more prone to clogging your pores.

Some people like to use cocoa butter for their lotion bars, but I prefer shea butter for its non-comedogenic properties and to avoid allergic reactions, which a lot of people suffer from when they come in contact with cocoa butter.

Virgin coconut oil Shea butter Beeswax pellets Soap molds