How to Make A Card Stand Out of A Wine Cork

If you find yourself hosting an event where you need name card stands for everyone, there's no need to spend a lot of money to make it look fancy. All you need are wine corks, which make perfectly good card stands after a little modification.


You'll Need:

- wine corks
- a sharp razor


1. Use the razor to slice one end off the length of the wine cork. This will allow it to lay flat on the table.

2. On the exact opposite side, cut a groove into the cork lengthwise. This is where the card will be held.

3. Put a card into the groove and stand it up on a table, then you're done!


This is a really great, cheap way to set up name cards, pictures or decorative stationary. Plus, it looks classy.

You can also use wine corks to make your own unique cork board!

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