How to Use Organic Honey to Wash Your Face

I recently added a new natural ingredient to my daily beauty regimen — organic honey. I use it to wash my face after removing my makeup with olive oil. Honey may not sound like the best ingredient to use to clean your face, but after doing this for several weeks, my skin has never felt healthier.

After removing your makeup, simply rub about two teaspoons into your face as you would a face cleanser. Of course, it won't become a lather like conventional soap does, but it is effectively cleaning your face. Be careful though, honey tends to drip, so make sure you're leaning over the sink or you're in the shower. Leave it on for about a minute or two, and the rinse it off with warm water. After beginning this method, my skin has none of the tightness or dryness that I used to experience after using conventional face cleanser, but still feels fresh and clean.

I think it is important to use only raw, organic honey though. Honey that has been further processed with added sugars and other ingredients may not work the same way.

Cost Comparison:

The face cleanser I used to use cost at least $5.00 for 120 millimeters and would last me about two months. A friend of mine who harvests honey for fun sells me large 800ml bottles for only $3.00 each. That lasts me ... a really, really long time. Clearly, a much better deal.

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