How to Use A Generic Organizing Rack As A Laptop Stand

I've never understood why people buy super expensive specially designed laptop stands, especially when all I use is a generic plastic rack I got in a stationary store. I think it cost about $5.00.

The metal legs, which are designed to stack several racks together, are detachable, allowing me to use only the plastic slatted base. It's about 4 centimeters tall, which is enough elevation to allow air to flow underneath the computer to prevent it from overheating.

The metal legs are still useful though, I often reattach them when I'm using my laptop in bed, and it works like a small breakfast table for me to stick my legs underneath.

Seriously, don't spend a lot of money on a laptop stand. Save yourself a few bucks and just pop into your nearest stationary store or household storage accessory store and pick up anything reasonably priced that will work.

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