How to Make a Portable Acoustic-Absorption Box

How to Make a Portable Acoustic-Absorbing Box

If you need to record things into a microphone at home, like I do, but sounds are annoyingly bouncing off the walls, there is a cheap and easy way to block out most sounds and muffle the echoes in your recording by making your very own acoustic-absorption box.

You can actually buy pre-made ones like the The NEW Porta-Booth Plus or The Porta-Booth Pro - Your Recording Studio At Home and on the Road, but if you can't afford them, or want to save some money, you can easily create your own.


You'll Need:

- 1 Dröna storage box from Ikea (comes in black, green and pink)
- acoustic foam


1. Set up your Dröna storage box. If you can't get one, try to find something similar to it that is made out of sturdy cloth. Don't use something made of plastic or metal because such surfaces tend to contribute more to reverberations back into your microphone.

How to Make a Portable Acoustic-Absorbing Box2. Cut up a piece of acoustic foam so that it fits snugly into the bottom of the the box.

3. Cut up four more pieces of acoustic foam so that they fit into the sides of the box. Keep in mind that they won't necessarily all be the same size, because you need to take into account the space that will already be taken up by pieces already inserted into the box.

3. Make sure all the pieces fit snugly, but not so much that they pop out of place, then you're done!
How to Make a Portable Acoustic-Absorbing Box
Takes only about 10 minutes to make.

To Use:

Hook up your microphone and place it into the box, then you're ready to record.


How to Make a Portable Acoustic-Absorbing Box
If you were wondering, the microphone I use is the Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (White)
The sound and quality of recordings will be different depending on how deep the microphone is placed inside the box, or how tall you've adjusted it, so remember to experiment a little with placement.

The great thing about this easy project is that it cost me no more than 12 bucks. And if you went with the Dröna storage box, it's collapsible, so if you need to put it away or travel with it, you can simply take out the foam pieces and flatten the box.

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