How to Use Oil to Naturally Moisturize Your Lips

How to Use Oil to Naturally Moisturize Your LipsMost store-bought lip balms and moisturizers just don't work on my lips — even the most expensive kinds that are advertised as being "all natural." My lips are so sensitive to any kind of chemical that they often become drier after I use store-bought lip balms, to the point of becoming so chapped they would sometimes peel and bleed. Other times, the area around my mouth will break out in a rash.

So, I decided to go back to basics, like the rest of my skin-care and beauty regimen, and only use extra virgin olive oil on my lips instead. Now, not only are my lips incredibly moisturized, but just a couple drops of oil are enough to do the job, and it's much cheaper than buying lip balms. I prefer using extra virgin olive oil, but feel free to use any natural vegetable oil of your choice. I hear jojoba oil also works wonderfully on your lips.

Don't worry about figuring out a way to carry the oil around with you. Simply buy one of those small, roll-on containers and fill it up. These containers, like the one pictured below (18 Empty Glass 10ml Roll On Perfume Bottles), are available on, but you can probably find them at your local container supply store as well.

I like using the tinted glass containers to keep the oil from getting too much sun exposure, but that is just an extra precaution, as the container spends more time in my purse than out in the open anyway.

Although commercial lip balms and moisturizers come in pretty packaging and fun flavors, I highly recommend switching to only using oil if you want to reduce the amount of chemicals your lips are exposed to and to save a few dollars as well. If you prefer using solid lip balm instead, check out my post on how to make lotion bars and lip balm with coconut oil!

How to Use Oil to Naturally Moisturize Your Lips


  1. Sorry for asking, but do you have the links where I can purchase such roll-on containers on Amazon?

    1. Sure! Just click on the image in the post of the clear roll-on tube with the black cap, and it'll take you straight to its Amazon page.


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