How to Clean Oily Dishes More Easily

A Tip On How to Clean Oily Dishes More Easily
Whipped body butter can be really hard to clean up.

I love making my own bath products, but I hate cleaning up when I'm done, because it takes a lot of hot water, soap and effort to thoroughly wash the oils and wax of my pots, pans and utensils.

Washing them with cold water is never a good idea, because the oils become a congealed mess, and any wax that I'm using becomes a hard shell that requires a lot of chiseling and scraping to come off. However, washing with hot water isn't much better, because the heat melts the oils and wax, allowing them to spread a greasy film over the entire sink and its contents, creating a bigger mess than before.

So what I do to make the process much easier, is after I'm finished using the pots and pans, and the oils and wax haven't quite cooled yet, I use paper napkins or paper towels to wipe down the greasy tools and kitchenware. Be careful not to do this while the oils and wax are still scalding hot. However, don't wait too long either, because if they cool down too much you won't be able to easily wipe them away. This is why I don't throw out any paper napkins or paper towels that have only been lightly used, because they can be used to clean out greasy bowls and utensils without wasting clean, new ones.

You'll find that pots, pans and utensils that have been first wiped down are much easier to clean under hot water than if they weren't. This is a good tip to keep in mind even if you're doing regular cooking and have greasy kitchenware to wash.

Hope this post was helpful to all you who hate cleaning up grease, oil and wax as much as I do!

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  1. I use Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap - that will cut the grease on just about anything!


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