Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps

Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps

I highly recommend Nesti Dante bar soaps, which are completely natural and biodegradable soaps that have not undergone animal testing. I recently discovered these and quickly fell in love with them.

Started at home in 1945 by its founder, Dante Nesti, Nesti Dante is a company based in Florence, Italy that prides itself in continuing to manufacture soap in the classical handicraft method of using cauldrons, despite its industrial size and large daily production. According to the company website, they are one of the few factories that still makes soap this way, and it ensures the use of quality raw materials that result in richer and more softening soap.

I really love how gentle Nesti Dante bar soap feels on my skin without drying it out after a shower. What I love even more about their bar soaps are the many, many delicious scents they come in that linger on your skin for quite while. I'm usually very picky about scented bath products, and don't usually enjoy most fragrances, but so far I haven't encountered a Nesti Dante bar soap with a scent that I didn't enjoy. I recently loaded up on a few bars from their Il Frutetto and Romantica lines, but they have many more categories available, including gentler soaps for babies. They also produce bath products other than bar soaps.

Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps
Every bar is engraved with the words, "Made with love and care by Nesti Dante.
Florence, Italy."
Price ranges very depending on where you buy it, but I think its very reasonably priced, being a handmade soap and all. Moreover, one 250g block of soap lasts quite awhile.

Check out their website for more information and for locations on where you can buy it. Nesti Dante bar soaps are also available on

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