Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps

Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps

I recently discovered Nesti Dante bar soaps and quickly became a huge fan. I highly recommend these bar soaps, which are completely natural and biodegradable and have not undergone animal testing.

What really struck me about Nesti Dante bar soaps is how clean my skin feels after a shower. The worst thing about some soaps is that even though they leave you feeling clean, you feel somehow incredibly dry and perhaps a little bit "tight," as if the suds have stripped your body of all its natural oils and moisture. Nesti Dante soaps don't do that, and after I use them not only do I feel clean, but my skin retains its moisture and elasticity.

What I love even more about their bar soaps are the many, many delicious scents they come in that linger on your skin for quite while. I'm usually very picky about scented bath products, as I don't usually enjoy most fragrances, and even when I find ones I do like, they're much too overpowering. However, so far I haven't encountered a Nesti Dante bar soap with a scent that I didn't enjoy.

I usually load up on their Il Frutetto and Romantica lines, but they have many more categories available, including gentler soaps for babies. They also produce bath products other than bar soaps.

Also, this may seem like a strange thing to appreciate when it comes to soap, but I also really like the size, shape and weight of Nesti Dante bar soaps. They're simply very sturdy blocks of soap that feel good to hold and use on your body.

These also make great, practical gifts (Nesti Dante IL Frutteto Soaps Gift Set). Everyone needs soap, and might as well gift them something that is beautifully hand-made, biodegradable, gentle on the skin and smells great. What's even nicer is that you don't have to wrap it up to look like anything fancy, as the general packaging the soaps come in are already quite beautiful and elegant. I often find myself wishing the patterns on the wrapping Nesti Dante soaps would also be printed on regular wrapping paper for me to use.

Salubrious Selection: Nesti Dante Bar Soaps
Every bar is engraved with the words, "Made with love and care by Nesti Dante.
Florence, Italy."
After some research, I've found that the cost for these soaps vary depending on where you buy it, but I think they're very reasonably priced, being a handmade soap and all. Moreover, one 250-gram block of soap lasts quite awhile, which is great, as most bar soaps disappear into nothing after just a few days' use.

Give Nesti Dante bar soaps a try, I think you'll become a fan too.

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