Deodorize Fabrics Naturally With Vodka

Deodorize Fabrics Naturally With Vodka
Sometimes clothes are still clean enough that they don't need to be washed, but they could use a little freshening up. Or maybe you have a couch, set of curtains or carpet that needs to be deodorized. There is a simple, natural way to do this without resorting to commercially made deodorizers like Febreze, which are filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances that you don't need.

All you need is vodka.


You'll Need:

Deodorize Fabrics Naturally With Vodka- vodka (The higher the proof the better, although I would recommend not using anything below 40% alcohol. Of course, don't use nothing flavored or anything that has added sugars in it. It doesn't have to be fancy vodka. Any brand of vodka will do.)
- essential oils (optional)
- a clean spray bottle


1. Pour the vodka into the clean spray bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for some fragrance if you'd like. (WARNING: If you do add essential oils, remember that the oils may not be safe to use with some fabrics, so keep this in mind when you're using this mixture to treat garments later on.)
2. Shake well.

To Use:

Spray the garment or fabric that needs treatment with this mixture until it feels slightly damp to the touch, then hang it up or spread it out on a clean surface to dry.

I find this works well on most fabrics, and works wonders on suits. However, I wouldn't recommend using this on heavy materials such as leather, as the alcohol might stain. If you're worried about how the vodka will react to some fabrics, test it on a small corner first.
This is an easy, cheap and eco-friendly way to keep your clothing, furniture and carpet fresh without putting it through the wash. I highly recommend everyone try this.

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