How to Make Your Own Makeup Setting Spray

Setting spray is a great way to keep your makeup from looking fresh throughout the day, and you don't even need to buy it. It's quite easy to make your own cheap, natural setting spray.

How to Make Your Own Makeup Setting Spray


You'll Need:

- aloe vera gel
- clean, distilled water
- tea tree oil (or some other essential oil with antibacterial properties)
- small, clean, sterilized spray bottle


1. Fill the spray bottle with about three parts water to one part aloe vera gel.
2. Add tea tree oil to the mixture. The antibacterial properties will help preserve it and keep it from going rancid. About 10 drops to every 100 milliliters should be enough.
3. Close up the bottle, and shake it thoroughly.

To Use:

Spray a light mist over your face after you've finished applying your makeup, and use it whenever you feel like your face needs a little freshening up throughout the day. Remember to shake well before use!


This natural setting spray is great to help set your makeup directly after application. It's also very handy during the winter season when dry weather can cause your skin to look rather flakey. Simply spray this on your face to restore a healthy, dewy look to your skin.

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