Salubrious Selection: EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes

Salubrious Selection: EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes
The purpose of this post is to rave about makeup brushes from EcoTools. Not only are they very reasonably priced and very well-made, this cruelty-free company's policy is to create things that are as natural and eco-friendly as possible. Cosmetic brush handles are made from bamboo, the ferrules are made from recycled aluminum and the bristles are made from synthetic taklon.

What's even greater is that Ecotools gives back by supporting EarthShare and helping donate money to environmental and animals rights charities.

Salubrious Selection: EcoTools Cosmetic BrushesEven though the bristles on EcoTools brushes are synthetic, they are incredibly soft, which makes application very comfortable. However, the soft material in no way minimizes the brushes' durability, and their longevity rivals brushes from much more expensive and trendier brands.

Salubrious Selection: EcoTools Cosmetic BrushesIf you're not accustomed to makeup brushes and don't know where to start, try purchasing the six-piece starter set to the left first, which is only $12.99.That's an incredibly good deal, considering some individual cosmetic brushes cost much more than that by themselves.

Don't know how to keep your makeup brushes clean? Refer to my post on how to properly wash your cosmetic brushes!

Salubrious Selection: EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes

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