Use Corn Starch as Baby Powder

If you are a parent who often uses baby powder on your child, consider switching to using simple corn starch instead. It has the same affect, and it's much a safer and cheaper alternative. Not convinced? Check out this article on how one of Johnson & Johnson's plants has been producing baby powder containing cancer-causing substances.

Use Corn Starch as Baby Powder

Even if you are a parent who avoids using talc (as it is can cause respiratory problems), and only purchases corn starch-based baby powder, you really can never be too sure about what else is going into the product. Anything from the artificial fragrances to preservatives could potentially cause allergies or worse in children.

Simply use corn starch in the same way as conventional baby powder, and it will have the same, if not better, moisture- and rash-reducing effect.

Don't be swayed by the advertisements that lure you in with beautiful packaging and fancy scents! Stick to the natural stuff, not only is it better for your kids, but for the environment too.

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