How to Personalize Your Photo Albums

Generic photo albums are really boring to look at, so I decided to personalize some of mine by covering them with fabric. That doesn't mean you have to use fabric to customize your own photo album though. Use whatever materials you like to bring a personal touch to the covers.

How to Personalize Your Photo Albums

I find the cheap, generic photo albums are easiest to work with, because they have simple screws and bindings that you can remove to add or take out pages, which means they're much easier to disassemble and customize, then put back together.

How to Personalize Your Photo Albums
I personalized my albums further by stitching dates
into the fabric before gluing it onto the album cover.
For my project, I simply took the album apart, glued fabric to the bindings and covers, then put the album back together. Now all my photo albums are much lovelier to look at on my shelf.

Customizing empty photo albums also make great gifts for other people, and you can include photos, notes and other fun decorative touches to some of the pages as a nice surprise for the person receiving the album.

Don't like keeping your photos in an album? How about in a box?

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