Make Your Own Unique Mouse Pad

Make Your Own Unique Mouse Pad
I needed a new mouse pad, but no way was I going to go out and buy one. I figured if I could make my own pop filter for my microphone, I could easily make a mouse pad out of things laying around the house.


I Used:

- a piece of cardboard
- scissors
- fabric
- glue

How I Did It:

1. I cut the cardboard into a size I was comfortable with.
2. I cut out a piece of fabric that large enough to cover at least one side of the cardboard.
3. I glued the edges of the fabric into place, and I was done! (I made sure to only glue the edges of the fabric that were wrapped onto the underside of the cardboard, as I didn't want the glue that seeped through the fabric to affect the smooth surface of the "mouse pad". This would make it difficult to use an optical mouse on the end product.)

Make Your Own Unique Mouse Pad


This is the most basic way to make a mouse pad (as I needed one in a hurry), but get creative by trying different materials, shapes and patterns. It's a lot more fun and environmentally friendly than going out to buy a mouse pad, not to mention you can make it unique to your aesthetic. Don't go out and buy things to create your new mouse pad, challenge yourself by using whatever materials you already have.

As almost everyone has a computer these days, a mouse pad you made yourself would be a great, personalized gift for a friend as well.

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