House-Cleaning with Vodka

House Cleaning with VodkaVodka can be used for more than just drinking; it's something you can use to clean the house!

Like baking soda, vodka is one of those things that has a multitude of uses beyond consumption. What I love most about it is that it's much more environmentally friendly than common commercial cleaners, and sometimes even does the job better.

Here are some things ways you can use vodka for cleaning.


- Spritz some on a rag and polish glass and mirrors
- Use it to scrub soap scum and mold off of bathtubs and shower stalls
- Shine up chrome and brass fixtures to a bright shine
- ... polish up eating utensils
- ... and you can also use it to polish jewelry, including diamonds and emeralds. Just don't use it on any gemstones that are not crystalline, as this can ruin the structure of the gem

- Deodorize clothing fabrics by spritzing vodka over it. In fact, I've written an entire post explaining how this works
- Remove stains from clothing and fabric by applying vodka to the spot, rinsing the area with water, then washing as usual
- Keep it in a spritz bottle to use as an anti-bacterial spray for surfaces and your hands
- Remove sticker residue by soaking the area with vodka for a least 10 minutes
- Use it to make your own reed diffuser


House Cleaning with Vodka

These are only some ways that vodka can be used for cleaning up things around the house. And let's not forget, you can also take a shot of it while you're cleaning to make the process a little less dull. Remember to drink responsibly!

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