How to Organize Photos in a Box

How to Organize Photos in a BoxI have a lot of loose, physical pictures scattered around from the days before digital photos became popular, and I don't feel much like putting them into frames and albums. But I don't want to throw them out either or risk damaging them by letting them continue to lay scattered. So I decided to organize them in the simplest way possible - by putting them into boxes.


You'll Need:

- a box wide enough and tall enough that won't bend your photos
- acid-free paper to use as dividers (paper that isn't acid-free may damage your photos)


How to Organize Photos in a Box
1. Begin by sorting your photos into the organizational pattern you want. I personally like to keep my photos chronological, but some people also like to group photos by special occasions, vacations, geography, etc.
2. Place the photos in the order you want them into your designated box.
How to Organize Photos in a Box3. Segregate the photos into their separate categories by placing acid-free piece of paper between each section, then label them so that they match their categories. For example, I divide my categories by date ranges, and I may also add a few notes about notable events that happened during that time. If you'd like, you can jazz up the dividers by pasting mini collages of notes and photos directly onto them.
4. To personalize your photo box, use wrapping paper and/or fabric to cover it up, and you're done!

How to Organize Photos in a Box

This is a very easy way to organize loose pictures if you have some laying around but don't want to go through the trouble of putting them into albums. If you do happen to want to put them into albums, maybe you'd like to personalize them as well!

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