How to Make Your Own Natural Face Cream with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil

How to Make Your Own Natural Face Cream with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil

Aloe vera gel on its own makes a pretty decent moisturizer in the summer, as it also soothes the skin of inflammation and also contains antibacterial properties that will kill germs on your skin before breakouts occur. However, as the weather gets colder I feel like a need to put something that ha a stronger moisturizing effect on my face. That's why I whipped up this concoction of aloe vera gel, virgin coconut oil and shea butter to use as natural, nourishing winter face cream.


How to Make Your Own Natural Face Cream with Aloe Vera and Coconut OilYou'll Need:

- aloe vera gel
- virgin coconut oil
- shea butter
- vitamin E capsules (optional)
- essential oils (optional)
- a double boiler
- container for the finished product


1. Melt one part shea butter and three parts virgin coconut oil in a double boiler (if you're unsure how to do this, check out this post on making your own lotions bars and lip balm). As you'll probably be transferring this to a small face cream container when you're done, make sure you don't make too much.

2. Once the ingredients are melted, mix them together well and leave the mixture to cool.

3. When the mixture has cooled to a soft solid, squeeze in a ratio of 2/3 aloe vera gel to the amount of coconut oil and shea butter you have. Best to use a fork and whip the aloe vera gel in quickly so that it becomes a creamy consistency. If you'd like, you can add a capsule of vitamin E and/or essential oils for fragrance at this point.

4. Transfer the final mixture into a sterile container, and you're done!

To Use:

I generally use this mixture on my face, but feel free to apply it anywhere as needed!


As shea butter is quite rich, it may not be suitable for those of you with sensitive skin. Feel free to omit that ingredient and simply work with coconut oil and aloe vera ratios if you want. The only problem with that is that your mixture might end up being rather runny if you keep it in a warm environment. Also, if you choose to add essential oils for added benefits or fragrance, make sure they ones that you aren't sensitive to. And don't over do it! Essential oils are concentrated and can be quite strong.

How to Make Your Own Natural Face Cream with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil

I think this concoction is perfect for the colder months when my skin is a little tighter and flakier, and I need a stronger moisturizing boost than aloe vera alone can provide.

I try to use natural aloe vera when I can to create this face cream, but that is sometimes hard to come by and can get rather expensive. As an alternative I try to use commercial aloe vera gel that has as few preservatives and additives as possible. All the ingredients used in this recipe have rather long shelf lives, but I'd err on the safe side and say that this mixture is good for only a month or so, especially since you'll be dipping your fingers into it rather often. So make sure you don't use make too much at once, or it may go rancid before you get a chance to finish using it all!

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