How to Make a Reed Diffuser

While researching ways to obtain better sleep, I discovered that the scent of lavender has a very calming affect on the body. As an extra bonus, I also found out that lavender helps repel mosquitoes. So I set out to make my own reed diffuser that would fill my bedroom with the smell of lavender.


How to Make a Reed Diffuser
You'll Need:

- a non-porous (such as glass) vase or container with a narrow neck
- reed or rattan diffuser sticks - high proof liquor (at least 35% alcohol)
- essential oils of your choice

You'll notice from the picture on the left that I am repurposing a small, clean bottle of PatrĂ³n. It's the perfect size and shape for a reed diffuser, including a narrow neck that helps prevent the scented mixture from evaporating too quickly.

In my recipe, I am choosing to mix lavender essential oil and vanilla essential oil to create a pleasant scent that I think would be quite soothing to fall asleep to. Feel free to use any other essential oil or combination of oils to make a unique scent for your home.


1. Pour high proof alcohol into your container so that it is half full.
2. Add your essential oil or oils. Roughly 15-20 drops per 1/3 cup of alcohol works for me.
3. Mix the ingredients together well, then place some reed sticks into the container. I find 5-6 is enough to get a hint of a scent when you walk by, but add more if you'd like the oils to disperse faster for a stronger aroma. Flip the sticks around every once in awhile if you want to refresh the scent.

To Use:

Place the diffuser anywhere in the house where you think the air could use a little freshening up.


How to Make a Reed Diffuser
If you find your reed diffuser isn't dispersing that well after a few months, even after you've poured new oil and alcohol into the container, it could mean that you need to replace the reed sticks. Oils get trapped in the sticks after some time, clogging the pores so that the scent doesn't diffuse as well. Simply discard the reed sticks and replace them with new ones, and your diffuser should begin dispersing properly again.

Got some old perfume lying around? You can very easily turn that into a diffusing scent for your home as well!

How to Make a Reed Diffuser How to Make a Reed Diffuser


  1. Hello,, thank you for sharing all the info. I plan on using and checking up on a regular basics. Where do you get the reed sticks for your diffuser?

    1. Glad this was helpful to you! Click on the picture of the reed diffusers in the post above, and you can get reed sticks there!


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