Make Your Own SD Card Holder

Make Your Own SD Card HolderA simple Internet search turns up a lot of different ways to organize your SD and micro-SD cards, including making sleeves for them, saving the plastic containers they're sold in, and re-purposing old wallets to hold them.

I just wanted to use the post to remind everyone that there are many different ways to keep things organized, and there is no one right way to do it. You certainly don't always have to go out and buy special containers or organizers to bring a little order to your life.

Make Your Own SD Card HolderTo organize my SD cards, I simply re-purposed a small empty mint tin and stacked my SD cards inside with layers of protective foam in between. The ways I mentioned previously are also great ideas to organize SD cards. So the next time you want to organize your things, don't just run out to buy something to organize your things with; in the process adding more clutter to your home. Think about what you already have laying around that you could use to tidy up with instead.

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