Salubrious Selection: The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer

Salubrious Selection: The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer
The Body Shop's All-In-One Concealer is one of my new must-haves for my makeup bag. I've always preferred stick concealers as it gives me better control over covering blemish spots, but stick concealers are often difficult to blend and end up feeling rather cakey on the skin; I haven't had this problem with the All-In-One Concealer though. It has a light, creamy consistency that has so far blended quite well with other makeup so it doesn't look like I have these random highlighted spots all over my face.

One of my favorite things about this product (besides the fact that The Body Shop is cruelty-free) is probably its ability to moisturize my skin while also concealing blemishes. According to the label, it contains vitamin E and marula oil, so it helps repair the skin to some degree while doing its job as a concealer. However, the coverage is rather light, so I don't think this is the concealer for those who are looking for heavy or buildable coverage.

Salubrious Selection: The Body Shop All-In-One ConcealerThe color selection is also rather sparse. I was lucky enough to find a shade that almost exactly matched my skin tone. In fact, I can barely see it on my skin even before blending. However, for those on the very light or dark ends of the skin color spectrum, they may not be able to find a color in this product line that will match their skin tone.

I imagine the translucent white center is the moisturizing element
of the concealer.
All in all, I recommend this product for those who are looking for light coverage for under eye circles or the occasional blemish. It feels nonexistent on the skin and is very convenient to carry around in a small makeup bag or purse.

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