Use Rock Salt as a Natural Dehumidifier

Use Rock Salt as a Natural DehumidifierYou know how sometimes salt becomes clumpy in the shaker? This is because salt is a natural desiccant and absorbs moisture in the air. That's why salt makes such a great natural dehumidifier.


You'll Need:

- rock salt
- a contraption to hold the rock salt


1. Place the rock salt in a contraption that will allow air to pass through it. It should be placed in a container to catch any water that drips to the bottom. That's it! The picture below should illustrate what I mean a little better.

Use Rock Salt as a Natural Dehumidifier
I've placed rock salt in this interesting MUJI sponge soap dish (unfortunately, I think it's only available in Europe and Asia). The design of the soap dish allows water absorbed by the salt to drip through the sponge and settle in the bottom. You can easily make your own version with a regular sponge and a dish, or by filling a container with small holes in the bottom with rock salt, then suspending it over a catchment container.

To Use:

Use Rock Salt as a Natural DehumidifierPlace your homemade dehumidifier in closets and in corners of a damp room. You'll need to empty out the water that drips to the bottom every once in awhile. If you've opted to simply put the rocks in a container without any catchment system for dripping water, simply leave it out under the sun once in awhile to dry out the salt, and when all the moisture is gone you can reuse it.

Although all salts are natural desiccants, it's better to use rock salt, as the larger granules allow damp air to pass through more easily, thus allowing it to absorb moisture more efficiently.


This is a great non-toxic, environmentally friendly and economical way to keep your home humidity free!


  1. A cool little trick not a lot of people know about. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never thought of this, this looks like a great idea, thanks for sharing !


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