Salubrious Selection: YogaToes Toe Stretcher

Running is my preferred method of exercise whenever I go to the gym or feel like getting a good work out. The problem is that people in my family are slightly prone to developing bunions, and running doesn't exactly help the situation.

My feet aren't actually that unfortunate-looking, with only very slight protrusions on the inner sides the joints of my big toes, which are definitely not straight and somewhat angled toward my other toes. However, it's still not pretty to look at, and as I continue running I've noticed that the bunions have began to bother me a little bit in the form of minor aches and pains.

I regularly do yoga and stretch and massage my feet and toes daily before I go to bed, but I decided this probably wasn't enough if the pain was becoming more and more persistent when I run.

Salubrious Selection: YogaToes Toe Stretcher
These are extra small YogaToes in purple.

This is why I turned to YogaToes, and although I was a tad skeptical at first, I definitely saw a difference after only a week of wearing them for an hour each night.

Straighter, Stronger Toes

My toes, which I thought looked pretty normal already, despite the slightly turned big toes, definitely became straighter and more flexible. My feet also became less prone to cramping when I first start a run, which was the previous norm even when I would do some warm-up exercises.

However, I have a feeling these would only be useful to people who are only experiencing slight bunions and toe cramps. I'm not sure this would be of any help for those whose conditions have already progressed to intermediate or extreme levels.

How Do You Wear YogaToes?

They require a little getting used to, and many people say they have an easier time getting them onto their feet after wetting them, but once successfully worn, they provide a nice, constant stretch to my toe muscles as I focus my attention other things (such as browsing the Internet or watching television, ha!).

Adjust the amount of time you wear these a day to your comfort level. Most people who do not exercise their feet at all experience extreme pain upon first wearing YogaToes since their muscles have little to no flexibility. Wear it for as long as you can stand it, be it 15 minutes or an hour, then work your way up from there. For me, I can go for two or three hours before I experience any discomfort. I tried sleeping with them on but they keep getting caught in the sheets, so I gave up on that.

YogaToes can also be placed in hot water or in the refrigerator before use, depending on whether your feet joints feel better using different temperature extremes. I personally prefer using them at room temperature.

Salubrious Selection: YogaToes Toe StretcherWhat Size Do I Get?

YogaToes come in several sizes, XS, S, M and L. It's important to do a little research first and get a size that fits you best, as you won't be able to use one that is too small, and one that is too large could be very uncomfortable.

They come in several different colors (blue, purple, pink), but don't expect it to really look like the advertising online or the packaging. Many people have complained that the colors seem significantly muted compared to what they were expecting. But hey, if it works, makes no difference to me.

YogaToes also comes in kinds of designs, such as YogaToes Gems and YogaToes Sport. I've read descriptions for all of them but there doesn't appear to be a remarkable difference in how they all function (at least to me).

It's Kind of Expensive, Isn't There A Cheaper Equivalent?

Yes, YogaToes are rather pricey.

I tried using simple pedicure toe separators at first. However, I found the spacing between toe separators to be too small to make any real difference and provide any real "stretch". I also looked at other brands of toe stretchers online, but it seemed YogaToes had the most consistent feedback, despite its price, so I decided to go with that instead. It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, so at least it's money you only put down once (assuming they stay true to their word).

Hope this review was helpful for those of you out there looking for solutions to foot cramps!

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