Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts: Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil

I recently discovered a bit of unpleasantness on my body that took the form of a small, solid, pea-sized cyst inside of my left earlobe. It didn't hurt and it wasn't visible from any angle, as it was by pure chance that I discovered the tiny lump while putting on a pair of earrings. However, once I knew it was there, it was difficult for me to think of anything else other than getting rid of it.

What is That Tiny Lump in My Earlobe?

At first, I didn't know what it was, but that's what the Internet is for. After some thorough research I deduced that it must be a sebaceous cyst, and the remedies for it range from going to a doctor to inject some cortisone into it or having it surgically removed. Neither option sounded like something I wanted to do unless I absolutely had to. So in keeping with my policy of going the more natural route first, I decided I would try ridding myself of this unwanted growth using non-medicinal and/or surgical methods before trying anything else.

And of course, if there are natural ways to rid my oily skin of acne, of course there must also be a natural option for me to get rid of this tiny sebaceous cyst.

A Natural Solution

A solution of rice vinegar and tea tree oil were how I decided to tackle this thing. Those two are essentially the ingredients I use to make my natural homemade skin toner. What I did was create a mixture of one drop of tea tree oil for every ten drops of rice vinegar, then applied the solution to the area on top of and around the offending cyst twice daily — once in the morning and once before bed at night.

Gone in Under a Week

I wasn't entirely confident that my rice vinegar, tea tree oil solution would do the trick, and half expected that I would need to take more drastic measures. However, on only the second day of application, the cyst had magically softened somewhat and had reduced slightly in size. By the third day, it was half its original size, and by the fifth day, it was gone. I was rather amazed. Never underestimate how thin and permeable the skin actually is. The vinegar and tea tree oil must have helped break down the cyst so that the oils and cells that make up its hard shell could be more easily reabsorbed by my body.

I used rice vinegar, since that is what I use for most of my homemade bath products, however I think any other kind of vingar (apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, etc.) would work as well.

I wish I could provide before and after pictures, but I literally couldn't see the cyst, only feel it. It would have been impossible for me to take a clear picture of my own earlobe anyway.

A Natural Remedy for More Severe Sebaceous Cysts?
Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts: Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil
On some online forums, I've read postings by those suffering from painful cystic acne who said they've had success actually injecting vinegar into large cysts with a syringe. According to many posts, cysts greatly softened and shrunk after doing this. I can't recommend doing something like that (especially if your solution contains tea tree vinegar or another essential oil), but I do understand the desperate need to want to rid your body of something unpleasant like cystic acne.

Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts: Vinegar and Tea Tree OilAll I can say is, if applying vinegar solutions to the site of sebaceous cysts isn't working for you, and you feel compelled to actually inject vinegar instead, make sure you know what you're doing (not pushing the needle in too deep, injecting too much, etc.) and that your tools are fully sterilized. It would be terrible if in an attempt to remedy yourself, you actually ended up causing an infection, or worse.

At any rate, a few days of topically applying rice vinegar and tea tree oil to the sebaceous cyst inside my earlobe was all it took to make it disappear, just as the same solution has worked wonders in keeping my acne at bay. I hope it works for you too!



  1. Great tips! I've been using tea tree oil for many many years and never thought to combine it it rice vinegar. I get my tea tree oils at Now I need to find where I can purchase rice vinegar!

  2. I have Sebaceous Hyperplasia ( Tiny bumpy Oil glands ) on nose, would your this remedy also work on them ?

    Pls reply soon, this would be great help from you...

    1. Keeping in mind that I am not a dermatologist or expert in this field ...

      As it seems that Sebaceous Hyperplasia is also related to the clogging of oil and sebum in the skin, I think trying this method would be worth a shot. However, although this is an all-natural remedy, I would still be mindful of aggravating your condition further. So I would suggest only using a very mild concentration of tea tree oil first, and probably only focusing on one bump, before committing to this method fully.

      I hope this helps you! Good luck.


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