Salubrious Selection: GoGirl Female Urination Device

Salubrious Selection: GoGirl Feminine Urination Device
This post mainly applies to the ladies out there who have ever experienced the unpleasantness of trying to use a filthy public toilet or who have tried to look for a private, safe place to do their business in an outdoor environment (such as an outdoor concert, a mountain trail, a forest where you've set up camp, etc.).

For many, this is when women will admit to penis envy, as trying to find a way to urinate in an unsanitary or outdoor space can be incredibly inconvenient. Well, luckily, someone thought of a way to fix that problem, with the GoGirl.

The GoGirl is a female urination device that allows most women to do their business while remaining in the standing position. This means it completely eliminates the need for a lady to engage her core muscles in order to perch precariously over a questionably clean commode, or worry about exposure and/or bugs/brushing up against poisonous plants in a more rugged space.

It's an odd concept to embrace at first, but it seems that once most women have tried it, it's difficult to imagine going out without one.

According to the company, GoGirl is made of a flexible, medical grade silicone. This means it is more environmentally friendly and can be cleaned and reused. If it is disposed, it should gradually break down in the environment over time.

Salubrious Selection: GoGirl Feminine Urination Device
The GoGirl comes in a small plastic tube that should easily fit into most bags or purses. When you open the top, you can easily pull out the GoGirl, which has been neatly and tightly folded into a biodegradable plastic bag, which has instructions on how to use the device printed on it. When you unroll the bag and the GoGirl pops out, you'll also find that the manufacturer has thoughtfully included several pieces of tissue paper that was rolled into the bag for your convenience.

The GoGirl itself is pink (although the company says the color is "lavender") and an amusing phallic shape, but I suppose that's to be expected. It's structure is soft, but sturdy, so not only is it able to withstand being tightly rolled into the container that comes with the packaging, but it is firm enough to allow women to more accurate control the flow of their urine through the tube without causing a mess.

Salubrious Selection: GoGirl Feminine Urination Device
I highly recommend practicing with the device at home before using it outdoors. It takes just a little bit of practice before you get the hang of it, but once you do, it's quite easy. Having this with you while outdoors provides a certain kind of comfort in knowing that you won't have to deal with any awkwardness while trying to use a public toilet.

Once you're finished using it, simply place it in the plastic bag provided which you can replace with your own — and roll it back into the plastic tube. Don't worry about any residual droplets that are on the GoGirl, urine is sterile, and you can wash it out later when you're in a more convenient location to do that.

Salubrious Selection: GoGirl Feminine Urination DeviceThe biggest challenge I found with using this device is trying to figure out how to roll the thing back into the plastic tube. It's flexible, but still has quite a but of sturdy flexibility. This is great for durability and use, but difficult to when trying to force it into a small bit of plastic tubing. Best to practice this part at home a few times, or simply forgo the plastic tube completely and just carry it in your purse in a non-transparent plastic bag.

Hope this review was helpful for all of you women who are seeking a better way to do your business outdoors!

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