Got A Ball Point Pen That Won't Write? Fix It With Fire!

Got A Ball Point Pen That Won't Write? Fix It With Fire!
I recently tried to write with a ball point pen that had a brand new tube of ink inside, but it just wouldn't write! If this happens to you though, don't think that an otherwise perfectly good pen has gone to waste though. You'll still be able to make use of all that ink. All you need is a little FIYAH!!!

(That word was "fire", in case you were confused.)

What happens is that sometimes the ink dries out near the point of ball point pens, stopping the ball from moving and stopping up the ink. What fire does is melt the clog so that the ink starts flowing freely again.

Simply uncap your ball point pen, and wave the very, very tip of it through a small flame. Don't hold it there though, or you'll risk melting the pen. Scribble on some scrap paper after each time you do this to see if the pen has begun writing yet, and once it has, put the flame away and go on to write with your now unclogged ball point pen.

Hope this was helpful!

Rub Salt All Over Your Body for Glowing Skin

I went mountain climbing recently and foolishly forgot to t protect the extremely fair skin on my neck and forearms from the blazing sun. The result was horribly burned skin that eventually peeled off, but left behind splotchy, uneven dark patches that looks like I rubbed dirt all over the affected areas.

Thankfully, exfoliation is a good way to get rid of this horrible sunburn-turned-ugly-tan, and a great exfoliant is a little fine grain rock salt and oil.

Rub Salt All Over Your Body for Glowing Skin


You'll Need:

- rock salt (fine grain)
- base oil (such as olive oil, virgin coconut oil, or almond oil)
- essential oils (optional)
- a sterile container

Rub Salt All Over Your Body for Glowing Skin

1. Pour rock salt into a clean container until it's about 3/4 full.
2. Mix in enough base oil with the rock salt to fill the container. I like using virgin coconut oil, but this can be a little trickier in colder climates since coconut oil turns solid in cooler temperatures. Feel free to use whatever base oil you'd like. The kind of oil you use for body massages would work well.
3. Add your favorite essential oils for fragrance if you'd like. I find about 50 drops of essential oil per cup of this mixture is about right, but add more or less according to your liking.

To Use:

Simply massage the mixture all over your body to exfoliate your skin. You should probably do it in the shower so you can easily clean up the mess and rinse it down the drain. The salt makes a great exfoliant and it also works as a mild disinfectant! But I wouldn't recommend using this when you have any open cuts or wounds because it'll sting!


Rub Salt All Over Your Body for Glowing Skin I started using this concoction after my sunburn healed and my skin wasn't that sensitive and prone to injury anymore. After two applications the ugly tan already lightened up significantly, so hopefully my skin tone will be much more even after a few more exfoliating sessions!

There are a lot of other natural ingredients that you can use as exfoliants as well. Find out how to make them out of baking soda and coffee gounds!