Got A Ball Point Pen That Won't Write? Fix It With Fire!

Got A Ball Point Pen That Won't Write? Fix It With Fire!
I recently tried to write with a ball point pen that had a brand new tube of ink inside, but it just wouldn't write! If this happens to you though, don't think that an otherwise perfectly good pen has gone to waste though. You'll still be able to make use of all that ink. All you need is a little FIYAH!!!

(That word was "fire", in case you were confused.)

What happens is that sometimes the ink dries out near the point of ball point pens, stopping the ball from moving and stopping up the ink. What fire does is melt the clog so that the ink starts flowing freely again.

Simply uncap your ball point pen, and wave the very, very tip of it through a small flame. Don't hold it there though, or you'll risk melting the pen. Scribble on some scrap paper after each time you do this to see if the pen has begun writing yet, and once it has, put the flame away and go on to write with your now unclogged ball point pen.

Hope this was helpful!

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