Make Your Own Unique Perfume Scent

I like a lot of commercial brand perfume scents, sadly, the ones I like are all incredibly expensive. They also come in rather big bottles that take a long time to get through, so long in fact that I'm usually tired of the scent before I even finish them, and the fragrance expires before I ever get a chance go back to using it again. (By the way, if you have an expired bottle of perfume sitting in your drawer, no need to throw it out, simply turn it into an air freshener.)

Most importantly though, store-bought perfumes are usually filled with chemicals and preservatives that I don't really want to put onto my skin.

But this doesn't mean I can't still enjoy spritzing myself with scents I enjoy. All I need are some essential oils and a bottle of vodka. Making your own perfume is an easy and fun thing to do that really doesn't take up very much time at all.

Make Your Own Unique Perfume


You'll Need:
- essential oils of your choice
- vodka
- a clean refillable perfume container

1.Fill a fifth of your perfume container with essential oils of your choice. (More information on the different layers and notes of a perfume at the bottom of the post!)
2. Fill the rest of the container with vodka, and let the solution sit for a few days to allow the fragrance to really infuse into vodka. Perfumes need to time to settle into their true fragrance, and often smell quite different than when you first mix it together. Feel free to use a greater ratio of essential oils, or a smaller ratio, depending on your preference for the strength of the fragrance.

To Use:
Essential oils don't mix easily with alcohol, so shake up the container well before spritzing or rolling the scent onto your skin. Remember, the perfect amount of perfume is usually placed only the pulse points (neck and wrists, sometimes inner elbows).

As this recipe does not include any preservatives, I generally only make a small amount of perfume at a time, which works out too since I tire of the same scent quite easily and simply move on to experiment with other fragrances.


Make Your Own Unique Perfume Scent
Mixing your own perfume can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it it can be a lot of fun. There are base, middle and top notes involved, and perfume changes depending on what scents you mix together and the ratio of each different scent. Fragrances also smell different when worn by different people, as everyone's body chemistry is different.

Top notes are the scents that people notice first upon first smelling a fragrance. These are scents that evaporate the fastest. In general, top notes are usually citrus scents as they are sharper and fresher and hit the nose bit faster, such as grapefruit or orange scents. Ginger scents are also commonly used as top notes.

The next layer of the perfume that people notice are the middle notes, or heart notes. This part of the fragrance kicks in just after scents of the top notes dissipate, and serve as a great segue into the base notes. Middle notes are generally more well-rounded and help hold the fragrance of the perfume together. Floral scents are often used as middle notes, such as lavender scents.

Finally, the base notes are the scents of a perfume that come in after the middle notes evaporate. These scents stick around a bit longer and are also the strongest and richest smells. As the molecules of base notes are much heavier than top or middle notes, people can sometimes smell them even hours after the initial application of the perfume. Good examples of perfume base notes are rose scents and muskier smells such as sandalwood.

Making your own perfume can become rather addictive because there is an endless variation of combinations of fragrances you can create. They also make great gifts to give away to friends, and people really love the thoughtfulness put behind a scent you custom make for them.

Hope this was helpful. Have fun!

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