Should You Wear Underwear to Sleep?

What do you like to wear when you go to bed at night? Women, do you you prefer proper pajamas, a
nice silky slip, just undergarments or nothing at all? Men, T-shirts and boxers, just boxers or briefs, or going commando?

Beyond preference, is there a specific kind of attire for sleeping that is the healthiest? Apparently, there is. Going naked when you're sleeping, particularly around your private parts, is vital to keeping your genitals healthy for both men and women.


For Women
For women, allowing the privates to air out when during sleep helps the genitals maintain normal temperature, pH levels, as well as prevent bacteria growth that can cause infections and odor. If you women feel more comfortable keeping underpants on (especially during that time of the month), opt for cotton, breathable materials or loose fabric (such as boxers) rather than polyester and/or constricting undergarments.

For Men

Going underwear-less during sleep is a good idea for you men as well, as your genitalia exists outside the body, the privates are even more affected by the clothing you wear (or don't wear). Wearing tight clothing and tight undergarments throughout the day increases the temperature around the testicles, which in turn could actually affect sperm production. Sperm production relies on the testicles being at temperature lower than the rest of the body. If that balance is thrown off too often or for too long, this could effect the quality of sperm. Ideally, the temperature of the testicles shouldn't increase past 98 °F (36.67 °C), or the testes may stop producing sperm altogether, a condition that could last for months, if not longer.


Moreover, for both sexes, keeping your privates aired out helps your body as a whole regulate its temperature, which helps you get better sleep overall. By keeping your underpants off, your circulatory system has an easier time keeping the body cool and lowering its core temperature, with contributes to better and deeper sleep.

So there you go! If you want healthier privates and better sleep, just go commando.

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