Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent at Home

essential oil bottlesThere are some pretty horrific mosquito infestations where I live at during certain times of the year, but electric fly swatters will only do so much. Not willing to cover myself in poisonous DEET every time I step out the door, I had to come up with another solution to keeping these little vampires away from me.

Of course, I could simply buy DEET-free mosquito repellent. Burt's Bees mosquito repellent is actually my favorite mosquito repellent on the market. However, going through bottles of that can get expensive.

So instead, I opted to use some of the essential oils I've collected to create my own natural mosquito repellent.


Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent at HomeYou'll Need:

- basil essential oil
- citronella essential oil
- eucalyptus essential oil
- lemongrass essential oil
- peppermint essential oil
- lavender essential oil
- vanilla extract or vanilla essential oil
- vodka (a cheap one will do)
- clean 300-ml spray bottle

*You don't necessarily need ALL of these ingredients for this to work, but the more the merrier.


1. Fill 85-90% of the spray bottle with vodka.
2. Fill the remaining space with any combination of the oils listed in the ingredients. You don't need to combine all of them, as they are all mosquito-repelling oils, so feel free to mix and match ratios and ingredients to create a scent that you like. I personally like to heavy on vanilla and/or fruity ingredients, as I'm not a huge fan of floral or herbal scents. Keep the total volume of oils in your mixture to 15% or below though, as a ratio higher may cause irritation to the skin.


When you need to use your homemade spray, simply shake up the bottle and spray away. Reapply as needed. Good luck!

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