Microwave Your Food Properly!

For various reasons, I'm not a huge fan of using the microwave, but I understand that for many it's a necessary convenience. However, whenever I see someone microwaving their food in supposed "microwave safe" plastic containers, or microwaving their leftovers covered by a layer of cling wrap I always get the urge to call out, "STOP. You're poisoning yourself."

Although some companies advertise their plastic containers as "microwave safe", radiation is pretty strong stuff, so I've never thought it was a good idea to blast microwave radiation waves at a piece of plastic that is holding food you're planning to eat. This could send all sorts of chemicals and toxins leaching into your food.

By that same thinking, heating up food by radiation while it's covered by a flimsy piece of clear plastic cling wrap is never a good idea. Cling wrap is particularly susceptible to heat and has a low melting point. If any part of it comes into contact with your food while it's being heated up, particularly oily food, it will definitely contaminate your meal with some sort of toxin or chemical.

That all said, if you insist on using the microwave, remember to transfer your food into ACTUAL microwave safe containers, such as as ceramic or sturdy glassware first, then remove any plastic coverings. Worried about food exploding all over the insides of your microwave? No worries, cover your food with a plate instead of cling wrap!

Thanks for reading through my rant!

P.S. In case you didn't already know this, metal dining ware should also never go into the microwave, this includes aluminum/tin foil. This is dangerous and could cause a fire!

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