Lighten Blemishes with Exfoliating Milk Baths

I scar easily, a plight made even more frustrating by the fact that I have incredibly fair skin so dark hyperpigmentation is incredibly obvious against my pale skin tone. Even long after wounds have healed be it scratches, mosquito bites or dreaded acne I'm left with dark discolorations that take months to fade. Some even take longer than a year to fully disappear.

The illusion this creates is that my skin is much worse shape than it actually is, when in fact usually my skin is perfectly fine save for the remnants of wounds that are actually long gone.

Unfortunately, such blemishes simply need time to fade. Hyperpigmentation scars actually originate deep in the lower layers of the skin, and you simply need to allow your skin time to properly regenerate multiple times and push up new skin cells before these blemishes are gone completely.

However, you can help this process along and make the regeneration process happen slightly faster by removing the dead skin cells on the top layer and encourage new skin cells to grow.

Beyond using a loofah in the shower and exfoliating with my homemade coffee ground skin exfoliant (baking soda works too, by the way), I help the skin rejuvenation process along by taking nice long milk baths, and it feels delicious. If using cow or any other animal's milk is not okay with you, no worries, this is just as effective with soy milk or almond milk as well.

Lighten Blemishes with Exfoliating Milk Baths


You'll Need:

- milk
- rock salt or sea salt (optional)
- baking soda (optional)
- essential oils (optional)


1. Draw a bath, and remember your body is going to displace some volume so maximum 2/3 full is fine! Baths are amazing but let's still try to save some water if we can.

2. Add two glasses of milk. Add more or less depending on your preference.

Lighten Blemishes with Exfoliating Milk Baths
3. Add a few table spoons of rock or sea salt, a few tablespoons of baking soda and essential oils if you like. This is all optional, but helps to create an even more exfoliating and fragrant bath. For a tub of water usually 20 drops of essential oils is fine, but add more or less if you like. I personally like adding vanilla essential oil.

4. Soak in your bath until your fingers get pruney!

* In the interest of not wasting water, after the bath I actually use the left over water to scrub down the toilet, sink, floor, tiles, etc. Generally clean as much of the bathroom as possible before draining the rest.


The lactic acid in milk helps gently exfoliate the skin, and I find soaking in a milk bath for a half hour really helps it penetrate the skin and lift the dead outer layer of cells from my body. After I rinse off, I do feel like my skin feels cleaner, smoother and even more moisturized.

The effectiveness of milk is also why I incorporate it into my manicure and pedicure regimen as well.

The great thing about milk baths is that it's so natural and gentle you don't have to worry about overdoing it. Getting those blemishes to lighten will still take a big of patience and time, but with soothing milk baths you can speed up the process a bit in a natural way, while also taking care of your skin and eliminating some stress in the process.

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