I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face

I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face
As a woman with mostly peach fuzz all over my face, the concept of shaving it was rather strange to me at first as well. Then, after the first time I tried it I wondered why I didn't start a lot sooner. And don't worry, hair does NOT grow back thicker. That's a myth.

Shaving my face has multiple benefits. Since I have very dark hair and very fair skin, getting rid of all that fuzz has actually brightened my skin tone by eliminating the shadow those fine hairs used to cast across my complexion. I never knew how much darker and uneven peach fuzz made my complexion until I got rid of it all.

Shaving also serves as a great way to exfoliate. When you're shaving off the fine hairs, the top layer of dead skin often comes off with it, and you can actually see this when you're cleaning off the razor. After all that dead skin is sloughed off, this is actually an excellent time to use your moisturizers as you've exposed a fresh layer of skin that isn't blocked by dead cells that will absorb all the beneficial ingredients more easily.

And finally, makeup goes on so much smoother and looks so much better on my skin post-peach fuzz. Without those fine hairs in the way, makeup adheres to the skin like it's supposed to and looks a lot cleaner than before. You know how some people look like their foundation is a little muddled or looks like a powdery layer suspended just above their skin? Well, oftentimes it's because their makeup is sitting on the layer of fine hair above their faces. By getting rid of it and the layer of dead skin cells on the surface, the makeup on your face will look much better.


You'll Need:

- an eyebrow razor (women, do NOT use a regular razor on your face!)
- clean water
- face toner
- face moisturizer


1. Wet your face so that your skin is damp.

2. Hold the razor closer to the blade so that you have better control, and gently drag the razor across the areas of your skin where you want to eliminate peach fuzz in short strokes, not long ones. You risk cutting yourself more easily if you use longer strokes. Every so often, rinse/clean off your razor and continue until you're satisfied.

3. Rinse of your face and pat try, then follow up with your regular face toner and moisturizer. I use my home made vinegar toner and virgin coconut oil.


I do this about once a week, at most twice. It's pretty amazing how such a minor process has created a glow in my complexion and made putting on makeup so much easier.

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