How to Exfoliate with Just a Towel


For those of you who don't like using abrasive and chemical-laden commercial exfoliants, or even homemade exfoliants made of coffee grounds and baking soda, perhaps you'd like to give a soft towel a try.

That's right. I change up the way I exfoliate my face and body depending on the seasons of the year and how sensitive my skin is. Sometimes when my skin is particularly sensitive I opt to simply use a soft, wet towel to get exfoliation done.


You'll Need:

- a soft face towel
- olive oil (or other oil of your preference, this is optional)


1. Apply a teaspoon or two of olive oil to your face (or body), making sure you rub it in gently in circular motions until your entire face is covered.

2.Wet a soft face towel with warm water and begin wiping off the oil from your face in gentle, but firm circular motions. The fibers of the towel and oil will help lift the dead skin cells and debris from your skin without drying it out.


This method of exfoliation is great for those with sensitive skin or for the drier months when a more aggressive method of exfoliation isn't necessary. What's perfect about this method of exfoliating is that not only does it get the job done, but it leaves your skin moisturized and glowing, as if you had just gone to a professional for a facial.

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