How to Get Out the Last Bit of Lipstick

Isn't it annoying when you've used a tube of lipstick or lip balm to the point that the last bit is caught below the edge of the inner container, and no amount of pressing against your mouth will get you a satisfactory amount of coverage?

How to Get Out the Last Bit of Lipstick

An easy solution in this case is to use a lip brush and apply your lipstick that way, but sometimes that just looks and feels unseemly, and you'd prefer transferring the remaining lipstick into a more aesthetically pleasing palette.

Well, there's an easy way to do this that doesn't require digging into the tube with a teeny tiny spatula and getting lipstick all over the place.


You'll Need:

- your worn down tube of lipstick
- a toothpick
- a stainless steel spoon
- a lighter
- a clean container you want to transfer the lipstick into


1. Place the tube that holds the lipstick you'd like to remove in your freezer and leave it there for an hour. Make sure you first rotate or push the inner container up so that the remaining lipstick reaches the top of the tube, or you'll have a tough time manipulating it later when it's frozen.

2. After an hour, remove the tube from the freezer, then take a toothpick and stick it into the now hardened lipstick. Gently maneuver the toothpick so that you lift the remaining lipstick out of the tube. It should be hardened enough that it comes out in one, clean solid block.

3. Place the lipstick onto a stainless steel spoon, then, with a lighter, carefully heat it up by placing the flame underneath the spoon.

4. When the lipstick has become a liquid consistency, carefully pour it into the container you've chosen to hold it in. Allow it to cool to room temperature. To ensure that it cools into a beautifully smooth surface, be careful while you're pouring that you don't dribble any onto the sides of the container.

To Use:

When the lipstick has cooled to room temperature, it should return to its regular consistency. Take a lip brush and apply to your lips as your normally would. This is easier than trying to dig it out of the bottom of a lipstick tube, not to mention it looks a lot classier!

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