Coffee Makes Me Break Out, So I Switched to Matcha Green Tea

I really love coffee. I love the way it smells, how it warms me from in the inside out, how it gives me clarity to my early mornings, and the slight bitter honeyed chocolate caramel taste of it when I drink it down.

But after a long struggle, I decided for the most part, to give it up.

Coffee Makes Me Break Out, So I Switched to Matcha Green Tea

I've tried to deny it for such a long time at the expense of my vanity and the health of my skin but I finally had to face the truth that caffeine was making me break out. Even only limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day was enough to exacerbate my inflammation-prone skin. Some people are lucky enough to drink as much coffee as they want without any adverse effects, save for the crash after the buzz. I, on the other hand, seem to be particularly sensitive to how caffeine stimulates the production of cortisol (stress hormone), which in turn causes acne in my skin.

As a replacement for my coffee habit, I turned to matcha green tea.


The Taste

I've always liked matcha green tea, but somehow was always convinced that it would be no match for the strong, dark liquid that I formerly enjoyed on a daily basis. I was wrong. Coffee can be overwhelming when it hits the palette with its bitterness and acidity, but matcha green tea is a mild creaminess that fills the mouth with just a hint of sweetness and a flavor reminiscent of wheat, without ever leaving an unpleasant sour aftertaste.

The Effects

Coffee always gives me an almost instant jolt that keeps me going through several hours with an elevated heart rate and high productivity before the effects wear off, and I'm usually left a little exhausted but still restless due to the low buzz that continues to stimulate my neurons. Matcha green tea, on the other hand, creates a much more elegant boost that lifts you from morning sleepiness to a steady, manageable working rhythm, then gently dissipates without the burned out feeling that coffee can sometimes leave behind.


I still enjoy coffee from time to time, but if I have to have it I generally limit myself to only one or two caffeinated drinks a week. Interestingly, the longer I stick with the matcha green tea routine the less I miss coffee, and sometimes don't even want it when it's offered to me. For those of you looking to cut down on your coffee and need an alternative, I highly recommend giving matcha green tea a try.

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