How to Tighten Plastic Glasses/Sunglasses that are Too Wide for Your Face

How to Tighten Plastic Glasses/Sunglasses that are Too Wide for Your Face
I recently purchased a pair of plastic-framed sunglasses that I simply love and look great when I put them on. Unfortunately, I was so excited about my find that I didn't realize until I got home that they're actually a bit too wide for my face. Although they look fine when I put them on, they're just wide enough that the earpieces don't fit snugly around the sides of my head, meaning the sunglasses easily slide down my nose, slip off my face when I lean over, and fall off if I push them up to wear on the top of my head.

This means no amount of tightening the screws or rubber nose pads would fix the problem since it was the actually size of the frames themselves that was the issue. This was really frustrating to me considering how much I like these shades.

One solution would be to bring them into an eyeglass repair shop where an expert could heat the plastic just enough to bend the frame into a shape that would fit my face better. However, I'm wary of doing that, since I feel heating the plastic alters the integrity of the material, which may cause it to more easily snap or brake (this is what happened to the bridge of my previous pair of sunglasses).

I refused to believe there was absolutely nothing I could do to solve this problem. Then I came up with an ingenious idea. You should only try this if you're comfortable altering your glasses yourself.


You'll Need:

- a thin piece of rubber (no more than a couple millimeters)
- scissors
- super glue

To Do:

How to Tighten Plastic Glasses/Sunglasses that are Too Wide for Your Face
This part.
1. Look at the ends of the earpieces on your glasses, near the screws. Then cut a thin piece of rubber to the exact shape of these ends.

2. VERY CAREFULLY superglue these rubber pieces to the ends of your earpieces. Be very careful to avoid getting any glue on any other part of the glasses (or yourself!), or you could damage your glasses.

3. Let the glue dry completely.

To Use:

How to Tighten Plastic Glasses/Sunglasses that are Too Wide for Your Face
You can trim the rubber a little bit more
after you've already glued them onto the glasses.
When the glue has dried, you should be able to wear your glasses as you normally would and it will fit more snugly around your head. This is because the rubber you've attached prevents the earpieces from fitting flush against the frame of the glasses. This means they turn in just a bit more so that they fit tighter around your head.


If you still feel your glasses are too loose after you've implemented this DIY hack, then by all means try adding another layer of rubber. However, if your glasses are only slightly loose, just one layer of a piece of rubber that is only a couple millimeters thick should be fine (especially since you're adding them to both earpieces). Furthermore, adding too many layers, or rubber that is too thick, might put a lot of tension on the frame, which might also cause them to break.

I wouldn't recommend using any material that is firmer than rubber, since you want it to have a little give to prevent putting to much strain on the screws and the sides of the frame.

I'm actually quite proud of myself for having thought of this solution, so I hope this was helpful to anyone else out there also faced with this problem. Good luck!


  1. Im going to try this. and yes be proud yourself! great idea and EXACTLY the same issue for my big cool large geek glasses, bending with heat only bends the frame and it looks like goggles!! thakns again! :)


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